Professional Painting Service

Cornish Coatings offers a professional painting service for Melbourne and it’s surrounding areas including the South Eastern Suburbs.

Cornish coatings want to provide you with the best quality paint job we can. To provide you with a painting solution you are happy with, we focus on showing attention to detail, especially in the preparation. We know that the hardest work needs to be done when preparing the surface to be painted. Once the surface has been carefully prepared we recommend a three coat painting system which will provide you with a beautifully finished surface that meets your requirements and expectations.

Are you concerned about the effect of the paint smell and fumes on you and your family as the painting works are under way on your property? Or perhaps about the condensation that forms on the walls and ceiling in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen ? Do you have a room that doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, allowing mould to grow if the walls aren’t regularly cleaned? We can help to provide a solution – whether it’s by using a low odour, low VOC, antimicrobial or mould inhibiting products as we are painting we can help look after the health and welfare needs of you and your family.

It doesn’t matter whether your painting project is internal or external; residential, commercial or industrial we will provide you with the quality paint finish you desire.

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